Company Foundation and History

Dr. Binde

Dr. Wallner

Prof. Anderl

1997: Spin-Off of TUD:

The connection of the current company Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH with Prof. Anderl of the TUD is based on deep roots, which go back even to my (Peter Binde) time as a student at TU Darmstadt.

1996, when I had decided to set up a business,  I was looking for counselors, partners or advocates for my ideas.
In his lecture "Produktdatentechnologie" I met Prof. Anderl, who signaled, contrary to some other advisors, that he is a supporter of student company formation. So I spoke to him, awoke his interest and we developed in the following time the basic building blocks for this company, which started in 1997 with the end of my studies.

Later Prof. Anderl became my dissertation supervisor and now and in future we work on using the results of university research for the industrial practice. 

2001: Forming of the Dr. Wallner Group:


During my search for partners and supporters in 1996 I met Dr. Jens Wallner, who was known for Unigraphics Services with his company since a long time. We were connected in our professional and entrepreneurial spirit, and so we planned together the orientation of this new common specialist company, in which I took over the operative tasks and he the political ones.

In 2001, we positioned ourselves as "Dr. Wallner Group," a Germany-wide network of four limited liability companies to provide high-quality complete services to the UGS PLM products. With my company location in Wiesbaden I took over the field of product simulation (CAE).
In addition, I started to work on the field of Knowledge Based Engineering at this time, what is reflected in my dissertation, that I had completed in late 2004.

Unfortunately Jens Wallner died too early in a car accident in 2003, what forced me to took over his tasks in the company, too.

2005: Reorientation as Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH

The reorientation of the Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH is characterized by the following points: 

  • Official role as a certified UGS-implementation partner.
  • Commission for leading the development of the UGS-training concepts for the fields of product simulation (CAE).
  • The "Knowledge Based Engineering" (KBE) was integrated in the service spectrum as a strategic field. 
  • Prof. Anderl (TUD) got the role as scientific advisory council.