Academic Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. Reiner Anderl

Prof. Anderl heads the department Datenverarbeitung in der Konstruktion (DiK) as a part of the department of Mechanical Engineering at the TU-Darmstadt 
since 1993. The integration of information technology as integral part of modern mechanical engineering and the linkage of research and education to industrial needs are our fundamental targets. Moreover the DiK is positioned as the competence center of information technology affairs within the faculty.

Advanced Teaching

Besides our lecture concerning information technology and programming languages in the first semester, we are introducing students in the second semester to 3D-CAD based methods of geometric modeling. This approach initiated the move from a drawing board based course to an education based on parametric geometry modeling using 3D-CAD systems (also known as “Darmstädter Weg”).

Core competence: Product Data Technology

The principles and methods of processing product data even today are quite challenging. To understand product data, product data flows and product data processing, a holistic approach named Product Data Technology (PDT) has been chosen for education and research. Therefore Product Data Technology is offered as a series of courses for graduates consisting of PDT A, B and C. PDT A covers CAD systems technology and CAX-process chains. PDT B is a course about product data management and PDT C passes on methods and tools for product and process specification and modeling.

Research perspective: Information-Integration

Over more than ten years, the research strategy of the DiK consists of three main research fields: “Information Modeling”, “Virtual Product Creation” and “Collaborative Engineering”. Although these research fields are handled quite flexibly, they support the creation of competencies which allows keeping track with the enormous speed in innovation in the information and communication technology.