Training Examples

Here the participants of our trainings and the readers of our documentations could find the NX-files for the according methodology-examples (password is necessary). 

Example Files for NX-Advanced Simulation FEM

Example Files for NX-Advanced Nonlinear

Example Files for Motion-Simulation

Example Files for NX-Thermal/Flow

Example Files for Composites

Example Files for NX Magnetics


Technical Lectures

Here you can find our publications and technical lectures around the theme of simulation / calculation and knowledge processing. We hope that you can find a lot of informative suggestions. 


"Electromagnetic Flowmeter Modeling". Presentation of Julien Imbs, Siemens AG and Peter Binde, Dr. Binde Ingenieure, at CAE Autumn Conference of PLM Benutzergruppe 2018 in Dresden. Download (pdf: 1,5 MB)

"Electro-Mechanical FEM Simulations with ‘General Motion’ "Presentation of Fritz Kretzschmar, Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH, at ESCO 2018 in Pilsen. Download (pdf: 72,6 MB)


"Simulation und Optimierung eines Metabo Winkelschleifer-Motors mit NX Magnetics und NX Thermal Flow". Presentation of Julian Witkowski, Metabo GmbH, at CAE Autumn Conference of PLM Connection 2017 in Berlin. Download (pdf: 5,8 MB)

"Simulation Driven Engineering for Machine Tools". Presentation of Jens Hamann and Haiko Klause, Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH,  at NAFEMS Conference November 2017 in Neuendettelsau (near Nürnberg). Download (pdf: 820 KB)

"CAD-integrierte 3D elektromagnetische Feld-Simulation zur Optimierung von Nockenwellenverstellern". Joint lecture of Daimler AG and Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH at Simcenter Vehicle Symposium on October 17th-18th 2017 in Ludwigsburg. Download (pdf: 1,2 MB )


"Dynamische Auslegung von Werkzeugmaschinen mit Hilfe von NX CAE und Matlab/Simulink". Lecture by Haiko Klause at the CAE Herbsttagung on November 3th. 2016 in Frankfurt. Download (pdf: 1,4 MB )

"Automatisierte Störlichtbogen-Simulation und Dokumentation mit ESC und NX Open". Lecture by Martin Geyer at Meeting of German PLM-Usergroup at Juni 8th 2016 in SeeheimDownload (pdf: 1,99 MB)

"Dynamische Auslegung von Werkzeugmaschinen mit Hilfe von NX CAE und Matlab/Simulink"Lecture by Haiko Klause at the Meeting of German PLM-Usergroup at Juni 8th 2016 in Seeheim. Download (pdf: 920 KB)


"Portfoliopflege für die Magnetfeldsimulation für gasisolierte Schaltanlagen"Lecture by Damian Baron, Siemens AG at the CAE Herbsttagung 2015. Download (pdf: 3,6 MB)


"Recent Approaches of CAD / CAE". Lecture by Dr. Peter Binde from October 09th, 2014 at the 19th Seminario International de Alta Tecnologia at Campus Taquaral – Piracicaba – SP Brasil. Presentation (pdf: 1,6 MB), Handout (pdf: 629 KB)


"Simulationen mit NX Nastran / NX Motion". Lecture as part of the university days of the PLM user group on September 09th & 10th, 2013 in Ulm. Download (pdf: 795KB)


"MAGNETICS for NX - A module for EM Analysis in NX". Lecture from Christian Korolonek at the autumn meeting of the CAE-Special Interest Group (SIG) CAE in Frankfurt. Download (pdf: 780KB)

"Teamcenter for Simulation - Siemens IEC". Lecture from Haiko Klause at the autumn meeting of the CAE-Special Interest Group (SIG) CAE in Frankfurt. Download (pdf: 780KB)


"Kontakte mit NX/Nastran, Technologien und Erfahrungen". Publication to the subject of "Calculation of contacts with NX/Nastran, technologies and experience" on autumn meeting of the CAE-Special Interest Group (SIG) CAE in Frankfurt. Download (pdf: 780KB)


"Buchvorstellung - Simulationen mit NX4 -"Lecture about the book launch of "Simulationen mit NX4" on the meeting of the German PLM Usergroup on May 4th, 2006. Download (pdf: 1,9MB)


"Konstruktionsbegleitende Berechnung in der Produktentwicklung". Publication to the subject of "Design integrated simulation in product development" in the CAD-CAM-Report. Published in June 2005. Download (pdf: 360KB)

"KBE und CAE: Möglichkeiten des KF Moduls im CAE-Bereich". Lecture at the meeting of the German CAE-Usergroup in Wiesloch on May 11th, 2005. Download (pdf: 930KB)


"Wissensbasierte Unterstützung des integrierten CAD/FEA-Prozesses mit einem CBR-Assistenzsystem". At 15th December 2004 the doctoral examination of Mr. Peter Binde at the TU-Darmstadt has been completed successfully. First and second examiner was Prof. Reiner Anderl (Fachgebiet Datenverarbeitung in der Konstruktion) and Prof. Michael Schäfer (Fachgebiet Numerische Methoden im Maschinenbau). A short version of this paper you can find here Download (pdf: 70KB)

"Konstruktionsintegrierte CAE- Analysen mit UG- Motion und Structures Eine Sammlung typischer Beispiele" A collection of common examples of the tools UG/Scenario for Motion and Structures. Presentation at the UGS-CAE-Seminar from 25th November 2004 in Frankfurt. Download (pdf: 1,7MB)

Beispielsammlung für UG/Structures: In a six-month diploma thesis Mrs. Catalina Blümel created inter alia a large collection of methodology examples . The examples show detailed and comprehensible how FE analysis with UG / Scenario for Structures are perform . A pdf file of the work could be provided upon request.


"Einsatz der Feature-Technologie zur Wissensverarbeitung für konstruktions-integrierte FEM-Analysen" Lecture at the NAFEMS-Seminar 2003 in Wiesbaden. Download (pdf: 360KB, Book version) Download (ppt: 1,8MB, Presentation)

"KBE-System and Case-Library for UG-Structures". Publication about the knowledge based assistance system at the European Unigraphics Usermeeting PLM Europe 2003. Download (ppt: 2,9MB)

"Simulation von Riemen- und Kettentrieben mit UG: Kinematik und FEM". Lecture at the German Unigraphics-Usermeeting BdU in 2003. Download (pdf: 1,8MB)


"Finite-Elemente Berechnungen am Konstruktionsarbeitsplatz - Konzept und Realisierung". Interesting publication of the Adam Opel AG about FEM as an design integrated process. Publishes in VDI-Konstruktion 11/12 2002. Download (pdf: 260KB)

"PDM Integration of FEA Design processes - iMAN and DesignSpace". Lecture about the PDM-Integration design integrated FEM-Simulation at the 20th CAD-FEM Users' Meeting 2002. Download (pdf: 90KB, Book version) Download (ppt: 470KB, Presentation)

"Case Based, Self Learning Assistant for FEM Analysis in the Design Process". First presentation of the knowledge based assistance system at the 20th CAD-FEM Users' Meeting 2002. Download (pdf: 150KB, Book version) Download (ppt: 580KB, Presentation)

"Konstruktionsnahe Berechnung und Simulation aus Sicht der Anwender, Erfahrungen aus dem CAE-Consulting, Anforderungen an die Unterstützung". Lecture at the German Unigraphics-Usermeeting BdU 2002: Download (pdf: 3,2MB)


"Theorie und Machbarkeit mit UG Scenario for Structures / Motion". Presentation at the customer day of the Dr. Wallner Group in 2001. Download (pdf: 1,8MB)

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