Christian Korolonek

B. Eng. Christian Korolonek

M. Eng.

CAE-Consultant. Studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Hochschule RheinMain (University of Applied Sciences). Employee since  02/2011 as a Student and afterwards as an Engineer.

Emphases: Support and Simulation Projects in the fields of Electromagnetic Analysis, linear and nonlinear Structural Analysis und Multi Body Simulation.  

Industries: Electronics, Packaging Industry.

Reference Projects

Verification of a tool for simulating electromagnetic fields in NX

Name of customer: Internal project of Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH
Location of customer: Hessen, Germany
Period of time / length of contract: July to September 2011

Content of the job: 

  • verification of the MAGNETICS for NX tool as part of a bachelor thesis.
  • Solving scientific acknowledged TEAM Workshop problems.
  • work on TEAM Workshop problems 20, 23 and 24

Technical Seminar for engineers

Industry of customer: Packaging Systems
Location of customer: Hessen, Germany
Period of time / length of contract: August 2011

Content of the job:

  • technical seminar for the FEM Module Design Simulation in Siemens NX.
  • imparting of methods for an efficient model preparation
  • processing of selected examples from the training documentation and tasks from the practice of the customer.