Martin Geyer

Martin Geyer

M. Eng.

CAE-Consultant. Studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Hochschule RheinMain (University of Applied Sciences). Employee since 09/2013.

Emphases: CAE API Programming,
PERMAS Interface, Software development for NX Magnetics, CAD-Methods for Simulation Engineers, Support.

Industries: Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Plant Engineering

Reference Project 10: Support for Teamcenter for Simulation and HPC coupling

Period of time: Since November 2018, ongoing project
Customer: Aerospace
Location of customer: Bavaria, Germany


  • Consulting for
    • Teamcenter for Simulation
    • Customization Framework with JAVA, Python, VBScript Batch, PERL, Bash
    • PLMXML export- and import process coupling
  • Generic Teamcenter CAE simulation tool integration and configuration
  • Support of the connection of CAE simulation tools to an HPC Linux Cluster
  • Coordination of requirements and their priorization

Reference Project 9: Support of Teamcenter simulation tool integrations

Period of time: June - September 2018
Customer: Automotive
Location of Customer: Baden-Württemberg, Germany


  • CAE Consulting as Solutions Architect for Teamcenter for Simulation
  • Coordination
  • Setup of specifications
  • Generic Teamcenter CAE simulation tool integrations and configuration of those for a variety of simulation software from different manufacturers
  • Python programming with PyDev and PyQt

Reference Project 8: Nonlinear Simulation of electromechanical plastic assemblies

Period of time: 2018
Customer: Electric installation
Location of Customer: Nordrhein-Westfahlen, Germany


  • Model setup for simulation of several variants.
  • Usage of nonlinear material parameters
  • Dynamic transient nonlinear FEM motion simulation
  • Switch of components for simulation of variants

Reference Project 7: Development of the LuKri algorithms for technical readiness [Link]

Period of time: 2016-2017


  • Further development of an existing Proof-Of-Concept source code with recursive Ray-Tracing Technology.
  • Bugfixing, static and dynamic codechecks, finetuning, performance-optimization,
  • Development of advanced algorithms for jump calculations
  • Parallelization of part-algorithms in creepage calculation
  • Integration in NX
    • Conception of Workflow
    • Automation of functionality of Simcenter: Filestructure, meshing, Mesh-Mating, Mesh quality checking
    • Softwarevalidation through industry-specific Elektronic- and Elektromechanic-Assemblies

Reference Project 6: Automatisierte Dokumentation für die Störlichtbogensimulation

Customer: Electrical engineering / Master Thesis
Location of Customer: Hessen, Deutschland
Period of time / length of contract: February 2015 – August 2015

Contents of the job:

  • Conception of wizard-driven workflows
  • Implementation of User interfaces with supportive functionalities in the Arc-fault pressure simulation in pre- and postprocessing with Siemens NX/Simcenter.
  • Implementation of the automatic simulation documentation in the Corporate Design of the customer.

Reference Project 5: Development of the PERMAS for NX Solver interface

Customer: Automotive / internal Project
Sitz des Auftraggebers: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Zeitraum / Dauer des Auftrags: till September 2013, ongoing Project

Contents of the job:

  • Implementation of a Solver interface for NX Advanced Simulation
  • Export of Solver inputfiles in the PERMAS format
  • Direct Solver call of PERMAS
  • Import of Solver inputfiles in PERMAS format in NX Advanced Simulation

Reference Project 4: Development of a NX-Tool for Backup of Teamcenter based simulation results

Customer: Healthcare
Location of Customer: Bayern, Germany
Period of time / length of contract: April 2013

Contents of the job:

  • Implementation of a user interface in NX
  • Localization of result files for the simulation which is currently displayed in NX
  • Export and import of simulation results through Teamcenter’s working directories
  • Usage of the Teamcenter API
  • Compression of result files and backup into a specified Folder

Reference Project 3: Implementation of high frequency formulations in MAGNETICS for NX

Customer: internal Project / Bachelor-Thesis
Location of Customer: Hessen, Germany
Period of time / length of contract: July to September 2013

Contents of the job:

  • structuring of the existent source code of MAGNETICS for NX
  • Creation of user interfaces
  • Transfer of boundary conditions and solution parameters from NX to the solver
  • Function tests with reference examples of the University of Liege in Belgium

Reference Project 2: Development of a training concept for programming in the NXOpen CAE-API

Industry of customer: Aerospace
Location of Customer: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Period of time / length of contract: September 2013

Contents of the job:

  • Clarification of the fields of application of automation in the advanced simulation environment of NX
  • Elaboration of training examples
  • Creation of the training guide
  • Realization of the training

Reference Project 1: Model-preparation for CFD simulation

Industry of customer: plant engineering
Location of Customer: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Period of time / length of contract: October 2012

Contents of the job:

  • Preparation of the CAD model
  • Extraction of single flow volumes
  • Connection of the single flow volumes to archive a complete flow volume for simulation in NX Thermal/Flow
  • Realization of a training for methods of CAD model preparation for CFD analysis




Geyer, M.: Einsatz eines Solve-Queue Managers in Berechnungsteams, CAE_Herbsttagung, Frankfurt, November 2016. [Download]


Geyer, M.: Automatisierte Störlichtbogen-Simulation und Dokumentation mit ESC und NX Open
Bei der Siemens AG -Mittelspannungsschaltanlagenwerk- Frankfurt. PLM Connection, Seeheim, Juni 2016. [Download]