Multibody Dynamics

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Duration: 1 Day


If the moveable parts of an assembly have mass and inertia properties, the mechanisms could be used to derive dynamic information from a motion. That means that for example the reaction forces in the  joints which occur during the motion could be determined. NX Motion Simulation Modellmotor Often in the practical use these reaction forces are used as input values for a subsequent structural analysis with FEM. On the other hand the mechanisms could be designed on the basis of theirs dynamic behavior, by adjusting the mass properties in a skillfully way. One example here is the design of dynamic vibration absorbers. Therefor, this seminar conveys the needed methods for such advanced construction tasks which goes beyond the pure kinematic analysis. 


- Modeling 1 and 2
- Kinematics for Designers


Mechanical basics of kinetics and dynamics in NX Preprocessor, Solver and Postprocessor with 

  • Springs
  • Dampers
  • Forces and Torques
  • Contacts
  • Friction
  • Determination of mass properties
  • Simcenter Motion, RecurDyn and Adams Functions