Solve Queue Manager


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In the local network a single server computer is defined that solves the FEM jobs, while other computers only need to perform the pre- and postprocessing


Teams are working together in design and simulation. A powerful Windows workstation should run the resource intensive solving jobs.

SolveQueue Manager UI


On the workstation, the program „SolveQueueManager.exe“ is started, which is constantly waiting for solver input files in a predefined directory. The client computers write the solver input files into this network directory. If the SolveQueueManager finds a new input file, it is sent to the corresponding solver e.g. NX/Nastran, NX/Thermal or Magnetics. After finishing the solve job, the belonging result files are moved into a predefined output directory. From here the client computer can access the result files and run the postprocessing.


  • As desired, during the solve job created solver log files can be scanned for user-specified keywords, to include an alert check for the solver run.
    When such a keyword is found, the user is informed or optionally, e.g. when a license error occurs, the solve job is restarted.
  • Builtin Webserver: With a builtin Webserver, client users can query the set parameters and the current status of the SolveQueueManager via their internet browser
  • Universal usage in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Intuitive Setup through graphical user interface
  • Tailored for Simcenter, open for your Applications