Tools for pre- and postprocessing

The Tools shown in this category are solutions, which we have developed as part of consultings or simulation projects in the past. In our work, we often run into specific problems that can not be solved with the standard NX software, but which are solvable using NX Open programming and the knowledge of the CAE interfaces. If such a special solution could be interesting for a wider user base, we will present it here.

Anisotropic Bearing ModelAnisotropic Bearing Model

Tool to define anisotropic properties like stiffness, mass, damping and loads.




This Tool offers the opportunity to use spatial fields not only in steady state but also in transient solutions.




Solve Queue ManagerSolve-Queue Manager

Enables the calculation of FEM-jobs on a specified computer on the network during the pre- and postprocessing is carried out at the workplace. 


Parameter SweepParameter-Sweep

Automated calculation of parameter studies in NX.