Technical Simulation

In order to identify and correct faults and weaknesses at an early stage in the development of new products and thus to save time and money, simulation can no longer be be dispensed. We help you to take a look into the future of your products.

The simulation engineers of Dr. Binde Ingenieure support you as an experienced simulation service provider in the design and protection of components and entire systems. We calculate and optimize for you linear and non-linear structural analyzes, buckling, dynamics, laminates, MKS multi-body simulations (including flexible bodies), electromagnetic simulations, thermal analyzes, flow simulations or coupled/multiphysics analyzes. We attach great importance to close cooperation with the designer in the definition of load assumptions and boundary conditions, interpretation, discussion and documentation.

Engineering projects that we carry out include:

Optimization of Camshaft Adjusters with CAD-Integrated 3D Electromagnetic Field Simulation

The example of a typical automotive application shows how CAD-integrated 3D electromagnetic field simulation can be used and that this results in high efficiency. In concrete terms, this is done on the basis of a real application from the advanced research development of Daimler AG. The Solver NX Magnetics operates with the NX CAD system. An example of an actuator for camshaft control is shown which is dynamically controlled by electromagnets and air coils. Results are, besides the electromagnetic fields, mechanical quantities, such as force, acceleration, speed and distance. Rapid changes to CAD geometry and updates of the results allow for efficient development progress.

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Dynamic Design of Machine Tools using NX CAE and Matlab / Simulink

An important quality criterion for machines (machine tools, production machines, handling equipment) is their dynamic behavior. There are weaknesses in this regard, e.g. in overshoot behavior, contour errors, chatter marks, or in low productivity because the acceleration must be reduced. The dynamic behavior of machines can be improved by combining a cleverly designed mechanism with the appropriate drive train together with an optimally adjusted control system. This is an extremely complex task.

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Tool to OptimizeDynamic Optimization

Automated Arc-Fault Simulation and Documentation with ESC and NX Open

An arcing arc is the transient of the current, which occurs undesirably in the event of a short circuit in a switchgear, from a current-carrying component to a second, usually also current-carrying component. In this incident very large amounts of energy are implemented, creating significant risks for humans and the environment! Conditioned rooms and systems themselves must be protected and checked before use.

Approach: Numerical, coupled flow and thermal simulation in a three-dimensional system with time-dependent loads.

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Numerical Flow Calculations with NX - Challenges and Solutions for Flow and Flow Processes

In the publication several examples of performed CFD simulations are presented.

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NX Flow Car