Advanced Nonlinear Methods with NX Nastran

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Duration: 3 Days


In this advanced seminar the handling of the NX module Advanced Nonlinear FE Analysis is trained. Within this seminar the theoretical approaches to solve complex nonlinear problems with the NX Nastran solutions SOL 601,106, SOL 601,129 and SOL 701 will be teached and shown based on practical examples. This includes detailed explanations of the contact algorithms, the time integration methods and the strategy parameters to generate a converging system, etc. The theoretical approaches are deepened during the training with selected practical examples. Finally there is a comprehensive list of collected tips and techniques for non-linear analyzes. 

Requirements:Nonlinear material behavior

- Basics of FEM analysis with NX
  (Advanced Simulation - FEM, NX Pre/Post)


- Functionality of Sol 601/701 algorithm
- Meaning and recommendation for
          - Convergence control
          - Strategy parameters
          - Time step control
          - Meshing
- Elements for nonlinear analysisNonlinear impact analysis
- Time dependent boundary conditions
- Material models for nonlinear analysis
- 3D- and 2D- contact models
- Static and implicit transient Analysis
- Post processing
- Tips & Techniques