CAD Methods for Simulation Engineers

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Duration: 3 Days


This training should give simulation engineers an introduction in working with Siemens NX and the most important methods and functions for the preparation of models in a simulation suitable way
Therefore NX basics are conveyed, which enables the simulation engineer to understand and modify the structure of existing models. Further special CAD methods for reducing the complexity of existing CAD models are discussed
Also methods for deriving of midsurfaces, the extraction of fluid volumes for CFD-analyses and CAD preparation for FE boundary conditions are included. The handling of parametric and not parametric (external imports) as well as defective models is trained. 
Optionally modeling methods are demonstrated which aim to parameterize models in a simulation suitable way in order to enable parameter optimizations.

Requirements:CAD methods

- Experience with 3D CAD would be advantageous
- Knowledge of FE analysis


- NX Basics:
          - Modeling 
          - components and assemblies 
- Synchronous Modeling
- Information and analysis functions
- Teamcenter export
- Interface to CAE packages
- FE-suitable model preparation
- Documentation