Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with NX

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Duration: 2 Days
With NX Advanced Simulation, among other things, Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD can be performed. In this training, the fluid mechanical and mathematical basics, the five work steps of CFD and the interpretation of results are discussed on the basis of several case studies.
Requirements:NX Flow (CFD)
- Handling of 3D models in Siemens NX
- Principles of fluid mechanics and numerical
- Methodology of the five work steps of CFD
CAD methods for creating the fluid volume
- Meshing, mesh control and mesh connections
- Flow boundary conditions
- Choice of turbulence model    
- Material properties for fluids
- Recommendations for time step size and convergence control
- Solving and control of solution progress
- Post processing: flow velocity, pressure distribution, forces and torques
- Interpretation of results
- Quality assurance
- Case Studies: Manifold flow, nozzle and diffuser flow, turbo machinery, etc.