FEM for Designers with NX

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Duration: 2 Days


To check the physical stresses of complex component geometries, the usual analytic calculation methods are insufficient. It is necessary to rely on numerical calculation methods (Finite-Element-Method FEM).
This training pursues the target to enable the participants to convert a geometry model to a simulation model (meshing, assign boundary conditions and properties), to solve it and to interpret the results.


Design Simulation

- Handling of parametric 3D models in NX 
- Basics of engineering mechanics


- Basics of Finite-Element-Methods
- Application specification Siemens NX
- Integration of Design Simulation in the Master-Model concept
  from Siemens NX
- Preprocessing with NX Design Simulation
- Examples for
          - Structural analysis
          - Natural frequencies
          - Heat transfers
- Solving
- Post processing
- Case studies