Coupled Thermal/Fluid Analysis

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Duration: 4 Days


With Simcenter Thermal / Flow tasks of fluid mechanics, complex thermal problems and coupled thermal / fluid tasks can be solved. This is realized by each one solver for thermal and one for fluid mechanics calculations which can be coupled, if necessary. In this seminar we discuss the methodology for the couplings between the fluid mechanical and thermal solver.

Requirements:NX Thermal Flow

- Handling of 3D CAD models with NX


- Basics of heat transfer processes
Principles of fluid mechanics and numerical 
- Methodology for thermal and CFD analyses
- Methodology for coupled fluid mechanics and
  thermal analyses (Conjugate Heat Transfer - CHT)
CAD methods for creating the fluid volume
- Meshing, mesh control and mesh connections
- Boundary conditions
Choice of turbulence model 
- Initial conditions
- Material properties
Recommendations for time step size and convergence

- Solving and control the solving process
- Post processing: temperature distribution, temperature gradients, heat flux, convection coefficients, 
  flow velocity, pressure distribution, forces and torques
- Interpretation of results
- Quality assurance
- Case Studies: Cast housing, water channel, LEDlamp, etc.