NX Open Programming and Interfaces to Simcenter

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Duration: 2 Days
In this seminar, programming techniques and automation of typical processes around Simcenter (formerly NX CAE) are shown. Such techniques are often used by individuals and businesses that still need to use other programs and automate the exchange of data from and to Simcenter. Other use cases are those in which your own dialogs for user input are used for the preprocessing as well as postprocessing and others.
- Recommended: Basics in C++ or VisualBasicUI of Anisotropic Bearing Model
- Basics of NX Application
- Preprocessing interfaces:
        - Import data from external programs to NX
          Example: Import lists with time / performance data
          from Matlab
        - Link external data with the CAE model
          Example: Linking performance data with FE
          nodes for following transient thermal analysis  
          in NX Thermal solver

- Solver interfaces:
        - Call the solver from foreign programs
        - Example: Call from batch scripts

- Post-processing interfaces:
        - Automatic export of FE results
          Example: Export transient temperature results for certain nodes into a text file.

- User Interface (only available with NX Open license)
        - Creation of an UI with the NX block Styler
Linking of the UI with the NX data structures
          Example: Insert additional entries from a dialogue into the solver input file (Nastran/Abaqus...)

- Efficient usage of Journals:
        - Example: Journal-record of result manipulation, modification of the journal code (loops, etc.),
          automation of the process