Mechatronics Concept Designer

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Duration: 2 Days


The module Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD) allows the engineer to simulate complex movements of a mechanical system interactively. It was developed to support the concepts of the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software development in the early stage of product development. This is a solution which enables an efficient approach for the machine development process in terms of the mechatronic requirements.  

The participants of this training will learn about the various fields of application of the MCD from the definition and import of the system engineering models from Teamcenter to the creation of concept models with simplified geometry and the implementation of ECAD data in a detailed model structure.


Basics in using the NX system


Mechatronics Concept Designer

  • General introduction
    • What is the Mechatronics Concept Designer?
    • MCD in the development workflow
  • Definition of design requirements
  • Creation of function and logical model
  • Definition of a mechanical concept
    • Physics properties
    • Kinematic behavior
    • Constraints
  • Abstract actuators
  • Time based behavior (Gantt Chart)
  • Continuous behavior
    • Motion profile
    • Gear
    • Cam
  • Sensors
  • Event based behavior
  • Reuse of objects
  • Interfaces to additional software applications (ECAD...)
  • Monitor the simulation