Dynamic Analysis with Simcenter Response Dynamics

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Duration: 2 Days


This seminar deals with the "Simcenter Response Dynamics Simulation" module, which enables the simulation engineer to analyze excited vibrations. The seminar imparts the most important methods to handle the "SC Response Dynamics" application like methods for defining transient, frequency, random and shock excitation and to analyze this results comprehensively.


- Basics of FEM analyses with NX (Advanced Simulation - FEM, Pre/Post)


- Basics of dynamics
- Functionality of dynamic solution strategies and its limits
- Differences between NX Response Analysis to the
  NX Nastran solution for dynamics
- Solution Methods: Direct and modal
- Normal Modes, Constraint Modes, Attachment Modes
- Modal reduction
- Damping

- Preloaded modal analysis
- B
oundary conditions of excitations forms
- Case studies for
       Transient excitation
       Frequency excitation
       Random analysis or PSD
       Shock excitation or Response spectrum
- Post processing