Analysis of electrical machines

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Duration: 2 Days


Electric machinesBased on the training "EM analysis" the analysis of electric motors with MAGNETICS for NX is discussed in this seminar. Special methods for the creation and automation of the models and the development of templates are explained. Content of this seminar is both the analysis of synchronous as well as asynchronous motors.

By the training the participants will be enabled to analyze and optimize its electric motor models efficiently in terms of torque curves and induced voltages as well as the dissipation.


- Basic training "EM analysis"


- Motion models
- Motion in 2D and 3D, translational and rotational
- Enforced and dynamic motions
- Contact 
- Automated preprocessing of motor models
- Templates
- Magnet models, coil models
- Building and analysis of a permanent-magnet synchronous
- Analysis methods for asynchronous motors
- Automatic definition of the coil scheme
- 1D-networks, star/delta connections
- Determination of the torque curve and induced voltage
- Analyze losses, loss models