EM Thermal Analysis

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Duration: 1 Day


This course will cover the possibilities of thermal analysis with electromagnetic heat sources. Usually these are electrical conductors that produce Eddy Currents and therefore heat up. AC or changing magnetic fields may be the trigger, but also other heat sources may be involved. In addition to the skin and proximity effects, temperature dependent material properties must be taken into account. If fluid cooling should be accurately predicted then coupling of the electromagnetic solver with thermal and flow solvers is required.


  • Basic training EM Analysis
  • Knowledge about CFD and thermal analysis, e.g. the ESC solver or Simcenter Thermal/Flow


  • Temperature analysis or heating processes for electrical conductors, static and transient
  • Skin effect and suitable meshes
  • Calculation of Eddy Current Losses
  • Calculation of temperatures with the internal MAGNETICS thermal solver 
  • Transfer of eddy current losses to ESC, Simcenter Thermal/Flow and external programs
  • Definition of temperature-dependent material properties
  • Definition of temperature fields as initial conditions
  • Use of the MAGNETICS Plugin Solver in ESC or Simcenter Thermal/Flow