Weldment with Shell Meshes

NX 2D Shell Mesh Excavatur

Creation of a simulation model of a weldment with 2D shell meshes based on the example of an excavator arm.

Workshop available.

Advanced Durability Muffler

NX Advanced Durability MufflerNX Advanced Durability based on the example of a vibrating muffler in consideration of strain gage measurements.

Workshop available.

Brake Assembly

NX Advanced Simulation Brake Post View

Work flow for creating and successfully analyzing a simulation model of a complex assembly with contacts based on the example of a brake assembly. The NX solutions 101 and 601, 106 could be compared at this example. 

Workshop available.

Gasket Analysis

NX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear Gasket

Transient Advanced Nonlinear Simulation (601,106 / 601,129) of a gasket with increasing preload. The gasket behavior is analyzed for different preloads in consideration of the gasket material. Results are the gasket pressure and status. 

Workshop available.

Beam Meshing Wing Box

NX Advanced Simulation Wing Box Beam MeshedApproach for creation, simulation and post processing of a beam model with NX Advanced Simulation for the example of a simple wing box. 

Workshop available.

ESC Power Supply

Electronic System Cooling

Flow- and thermal Simulation of a powwer supply with the NX Electronic Systems Cooling modul.

Workshop available.

Compressor of a Gas Turbine

NX Thermal Compressor Gas TurbineTransient thermal simulation of the heat-up of a compressor section of a gas turbine engine with NX Thermal and a subsequent analysis of the thermo elastic deformation of the compressor blades based on the calculated temperature field.

Workshop available.

Flow Simulation Inhaler

NX Flow fluid behavior in an inhaler

Simulation of flow behavior in an inhaler with NX Flow. The distribution of the vaporized medication in the inhalation air should be analyzed. 

Workshop available.