Flexible Body Analysis

NX Motion Simulation Flexible Body Analysis

Structural analysis of a Front Shock Mount (NX Nastran) integrated in a Multi Body Dynamics Analysis with NX Motion Simulation Flexible Body Dynamics. 

Workshop available.

Response Simulation

NX Advanced Simulation Response AnalyseCalculation of frequence response to an excitation at the example of a HESSI Satellite. Application of the Assembly FEM functionality for building the simulation model. 

Workshop available.

Sphere Impact

NX Advanced Nonlinear Crash ExplicitNX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear Simulation of a sphere impact with the implicit solution 601,129 or the explicit solution 701. The resulting plastic deformation is solved. 

Content of the Advanced Nonlinear training

Drop Test

CAD-Model voltmeterNX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear Simulation of a drop test with the solution 601, 129 or 701 based on the example of a simple voltmeter.

Workshop available.

Advanced Nonlinear Contact

Gestauchte Gummidichtung - SpannungsergebnisseCompression of a rubber seal (hyperelastic material behavior) simulated with the NX Advanced Nonlinear solution 601,106. 

Workshop available.

Liquid Sloshing

NX Thermal / Flow SloshingTransient sloshing of a liquid in a bottle with a heterogeneous gas-liquid mixture with the Advanced Flow solution of the NX Thermal / Flow Solver. 

Workshop available.